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New Company POD [Power of Dance]

POD is the first Dance Channel in Nepal aimed to promote dancing talent globally. We expect to attract ambitious, passionate and dedicated dancers who seek knowledge, training and a platform to develop and showcase their talent to the world. We will organize dance workshops by renowned and experienced dance instructors. We will promote talented and inspiring dancers from all parts of Nepal through our YouTube channel [POWER OF DANCE (POD)] and National Televisions where dancers, their interviews, stories and talent will be focused upon. As we continue, we hope to organize Nepal-wide dance competition for these talents to emerge onto the scene. Those who emerge as promising through our workshops will also be encouraged and assisted in entering into international competitions and dance shows. We hope to start working on a dance movie of our own. Most importantly, however, we will strive to develop documentaries about traditional dance groups from all corners of Nepal. Small fees and charges would be needed from participants to fund the project but these charges will not be the major income source for our activities as sponsorships and promotional deals are expected to fund the majority of the project. All the funds raised by the project will be dedicated towards dance and its visual activities only.

POD is a sister company of Ur Style Entertainment.