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Rupes Thapa (Nepali Babu)

He is an energetic boy & he is vegetarian . OH yeah most of all he is stylish camera person in 'urstyle Entertainment. !opps! look @ his recent 'hair style' :P . His unique way of laughing makes everybody go Shalalala$$$$, while in work and we can enjoy our work
even more. off course he is very famous on Facebook too with lots of his portfolios. Grab him on Facebook www.facebook.com/Nepalibabu7

Suresh Kafle
Director / Script Writer

well, he is the maker of our great comedy hits Date in UN park, Son-in-law and Lauka(though it was boring story!! haha!! ), but this guy usually keeps his mind busy thinking about various different concept for the new video. Besides this, he also manages his busy schedule for covering road hunks episodes in his SONY NEX VG20 camera lol!!! ...he is the most romantic guy in 'urstyle Entertainment' , anyone can fall in love with him when he smiles ( his teeth are awesome !! grin emoticon grin emoticon :D) , so girls !better be aware! tongue emoticon tongue emoticon..but so sorry girls , unfortunately this man is already taken( married :P) and have a healthy baby son !!
Catch him on FaceBook @www.facebook.com/suresh.kafle.14

DDUS Gajurel
Editor / Animator

Here comes the MAN ON DESK !!! i guess every members of urstyle are kinda jealous with this guy(HAHAHA) ..coz he got nothing else to do besides sitting infront of the computer and doing video editing, animation, sound dubbing, graphics, video coloring, etc etc etc..so easy work right??? haha, but yea this man makes us easy by doing the easiest part (smile emoticon) ...must say he is the most moody guy in 'urstyle Entertainment' and also THE ANGRY YOUNG MAN of 'urstyle Entertainment'
Find Him on Facebook @www.facebook.com/ddusji

Alisha Rai

very very very irritating girl (SAME AS IN UN PARK)!!hahahahhha.. trust me ,she Is! ...she drives us crazy with her stupid and funny questions and crazy acts while working ..but some times she also do serious talks like about CONSTITUTION of Nepal !! ?? ??? haha ,okay ignore that..but yes she a fine actor, her expressions are too real while giving any shots and yea she the sweetest girl in 'urStyle Entertainment'
irritate her on Facebook @www.facebook.com/alisha.rai

Pujan Satyal
Production Manager / Actor

Pujan is not just a Production Manager. He is qualified with extra talent that is acting.
He can make you laugh though he is not vegetarian like Rupesh. He has good and amazing sense of humor by which he can
Drag your attention towards you in a matter of seconds. And yeah he is a sweet young man and his looks resembles to that of Sunil Shiethy.
He is responsible for all the production management that happens in most of the projects on 'urStyle Entertainment'
get connected with him on FACEBOOK  @facebook.com/pujan.satyal

Actor / Program Producer (ROAD HUNKs)

What should I tell you about him? He is the most naught guy in  'urStyle Entertainment'. When he is given any task he seems to be so much busy in UN Park dating with .... dot dot dot :P
BTW besides going UN park all the time he can manage his busy time by working full time on making questions for Road Hunks , shooting and editing new and exciting episodes every week for Sagarmatha TV and for urstyle TV.
All of that he can still manages to act in many music videos and short films in urstyle. And yeah His face resembles to John Mayer who was born in Bangladesh. :P lol !  Text him on FACEBOOK @facebook.com/Amrit

Nitin Chand  (Nitin Kumar Chand)
Director / Founder

Wait !! It is not over ..we got someone to be disclosed yet ..he seems to be a normal guy physically ..only physically ?? yea u may get shocked ..hahahhaha ..but yes!!.... because hardly anyone can think up to his level of thought , his creativity level is to the extreme ...yes u guys are right !! i am talking about Mr. Nitin Chand!!(lol) . He often do various crazy experiments with his camera angles to make the videos look more cool than others (and yea most of the he succeed :D) but personally, he has got very innocent and genuine character in real life (smile emoticon),he ask actors to give their best expressions and if they cant do so , he himself shows them by doing that expression by his own(and trust me guys that will be the weirdest expression ever!! :D), this creates more fun in work (wink emoticon)..Lastly, i must say that anyone will hardly get bored by his company . (smile emoticon smile emoticon)
Connect with him on Facebook @facebook.com/Nitin.K.Chand